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Activities around Puerto Lindo

Indian Cajucos Puerto Lindo is located right in the centre of the Portobelo National Park. Isla Grande with its beautiful beaches and its breathtaking views is one of the parks highlights and is close to the hostel. Surfers will not be disappointed there either. You can take a water taxi for only 3.5 US$ from Puerto Lindo to Isla Grande, with its beautiful white-sand beaches. However, don't forget to arrange a pick-up service for later that day.
River Tour There are altogether 12 islands close to Puerto Lindo with a lot of wildlife, coral reefs and mangrove channels. We rent out Kuna Cajucos for those brave enough to venture alone through the local waters. We also rent bicycles and offer horse-riding day tours to the surrounding beaches and the rainforest for 35 US$ person (incl. lunch).
A canopy zipline tour is also available nearby. A dive centre is located close to Portobello, where courses in scuba diving are available. Fishing trips with the local fishermen from Puerto Lindo can also be arranged. One can also choose to participate in an exploration trip of the river organised by the hostel. In this you have the chance to see crocodiles, swim in freshwater lakes, or just get a taste of the tropical rainforest. Bananas, papaya, avocado, coconut, mango, limes, pineapple...it is unbelievable how many different plants and fruit are growing in the forest.