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October 2008

We had a great time at Hostel Wunderbar. The dorms are really clean and cool to sleep in and the bathrooms are also really clean and well kept. There is a large communal area to hang out in, and it was a great place to meet other travellers and to spend some time while we were waiting for a boat to Columbia. The area is beautiful and Sylvia was a wonderful host. She is the local guru on everything you need! I highly recommend this place.

  rahel kueng
October 2008

hallo silvia und manuela und unbekannter guido, ihr habt euch hier wirklich ein kleines paradies aufgebaut! es gefaellt mir super hier, das kuna haus ist echt toll geworden, es ist schoen so naturnahe einzuschlafen und alle geraeusche der nacht zu hoeren. am morgen scheint die sonne zwischen dem bambus rein, sieht ganz mystisch aus... es gruesst euch herzlichst die schweizerin raschi

October 2008

Boating to Panama with Guido was perhaps the craziest, most adventurous, and most enjoyable way to travel. Just pring plenty of alcohol! sea sickness pills might be a good thing to have, though generally the water is fairly calm… unless you happen to hit a few huge storms along the way. One thing to be aware of when choosing a boat- a lot of boats don’t have enough food, beds, t\etc. With Guido you will have plenty of all of those and maybe even a surprise case of beer dropped off by fed ex indio. If his boat happens to be full, he knows which other captains are alright or not, so just ask hyim (so you don’t end up on a boat with 5 beds, 12 people, and food that runs out a few days before arrival-this does happen) It was very safe, hot but comfortable, and a ridiculous journey of 9 people in pirate wear setting off to sail the high seas- I’d definitely recommend it to anyone!!

October 2008

I can not think of a better way to arrive to Panama from Cartagena than with an insane German captain on his See Adler, six crazy backpackers, one Japanese biker, lots of beer and rum, hours of star-gazing during night watch, pirate birthday parties… in other words, five crazy days I will never forget and which I can recommend to everyone with a sense of adventure! Thanks for the great time

  Silvi and Sergio
September 2008

It has been an absolute pleasure staying with Silvia, Guido and Manuela. It is definitely a great place to wind down and enjoy nature. Wunderbar was one of the places we felt most at home and relaxed. The premises are kept very clean and the bed mattresses are by far the best we’ve encountered. Silvia and Guido possess a wealth of knowledge of surrounding areas, and the choice of activities make the stay even more special. Thank you for your hospitality!

September 2008

No better place to stay a couple days before catching a boat. Play some pool, check out Isla Grande, drink some beers and relax.

August 2008

Great place to relax. Sailing today to Cartagena Colombia.

  Gemma and Scott
New Zealand
August 2008

Gemma and Scott from New Zealand, looking forward to a great trip. Thanks for the hospitality.

  Laura, Darlene and Kirsten,
Peace Corps Panama
August 2008

Manuela is so preciosa! We almost got her to smile! Wunderbar has a warm atmosphere and people are very considerate about speaking in English. Wir kommen auf jeden Fall wieder vorbei.

  Nat n Raz

July 2008

Nice hostel, very rustic!! Kuna style…….keep buzzin’

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